Hi, I'm Jean

I'm the co-founder of two companies and hold an engineering and a PhD degrees

CEO of Dootix Sàrl
Marital status: married
Citizenship: Belgian
Current country of residence: Switzerland
Research topics: operations research, metaheuristics, hard combinatorial problems, management softwares

Currently: CEO at Dootix Sàrl
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I am the CEO of Dootix Sàrl, a software engineering company, and was the CTO of WeCan.Fund SA (sold in January 2017), a crowdlending start-up. Dootix is now part of the Fri Up start-up incubator in Switzerland. WeCan.Fund has been selected as one of the ten most promising start-ups (more than 130 applications) to join the Fintech Fusion incubator. The new way for private individuals to lend to small businesses.
I finished my PhD at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) with Prof. Nicolas Zufferey in June 2015.
During my PhD, I was focusing on operations management, decision analysis, optimization and metaheuristics. My favorite topics are vehicle routing, scheduling and green energy related problems.
I did an internship at the CIRRELT with Prof. Jean-Yves Potvin on an online vehicle routing problem (September 2013-February 2014).
I have done both my Bachelor (BSc. Communication Systems, 2004-2007) and my Master (MSc. Communication Systems, 2007-2009) at EPFL, with a specialization obtained in "Information and Communication Security". Therefore, I own an Engineer degree in this field.
My Master Thesis (2009) was achieved at Ericsson Eurolab, Aachen, Germany, and the topic was "DRM Convergence: Content Format Transcryption", under the supervision of Prof. Arjen Lenstra (EPFL) and Prof. Frank Hartung (Ericsson, RTWH).



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J. Respen, N. Zufferey, E. Amaldi Metaheuristics for a job scheduling problem with smoothing costs relevant for the car industry, Networks


J. Respen, N. Zufferey, J-Y. Potvin Impact of Online Tracking on a Vehicle Routing Problem with Dynamic Travel Times, CIRRELT
PDF file
J. Respen, N. Zufferey Ant Algorithms for a Truck Loading Problem with Multiple Destinations, PMS 2014 Conference, Munich, Germany, 2014
PDF file
J. Respen, N. Zufferey, J-Y. Potvin Online vehicle routing and scheduling with continuous vehicle tracking, ROADEF 2014 Conference, Bordeaux, France, 2014
PDF file


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PDF file


J. Respen, N. Zufferey, E. Amaldi Heuristics for a multi-machine multi-objective job scheduling problem with smoothing costs, 1st IEEE International Conference on Logistics Operations Management 2012, Le Havre, France, 2012
PDF file

More information:

I'm the founder and CEO of Dootix Sàrl, a software engineering company, specialized in custom development and event management software (DootixEvent and DootixVolunteers).
Traveling is my favorite hobby, I've been to South-East Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia), Nepal, Australia, USA, Canada, and of course European countries (France, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, etc.).
I'm a regular runner, skier and biker. I do as well like cooking (especially Asian cooking). And of course... I like coding!
I speak French (mother tongue), English, and some German.